Client: Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals
Product: Xarelto
Agency: CDM New York
Creative director: Valerie Wagner & John Bodner
Art Director: John Hastings
Art producer: Sherry Soldon

Photo: LSD
Post: LSD

Xarelto Heart

For this print campaign which was directed specifically to the medical industry, our client requested two final images: one portraying a realistic and anatomically correct heart by itself and one variation showing the same heart being held within a human hand.


While developing the concept, we used references of a pig’s heart in addition to open-heart surgery photographs. We had to delve deeply into the technical aspects related to the anatomy of the human heart ensuring a realistic and anatomically correct muscle. After completion of the print asset, we also needed to ensure our accuracy in animating a realistic heartbeat. Throughout the creative process we collaborated often with the agency’s medical consultant who proved to be invaluable from start to finish. Our goal was to create an extremely realistic image for the medical sector but at the same time, we also wanted a wonderfully creative image that we could be proud of.  We feel we succeeded in communicating visual accuracy to the doctors while also keeping to our high creative standards.

Production: shooting

We worked side by side (virtually) and day by day with SVP Creative Director, John Hastings. Production took place in Italy but we scheduled our shooting of the human hand in accordance with EST hours so John could see the results in real time. The workflow was immediate and clearly defined for everyone. The model squeezed a ball of soft plastic in his hand which provided the right amount of resistance allowing us to visually capture the most realistic and natural looking shot.  Our CGI heart was integrated within the digital photograph and the results are eerily stunning. We hope you agree!