LSD: Photography

Agency: RED TEAM (Gruppo WPP)


An intense day full of emotions, working with young people to exalt their light and their hunger for novelty and will to break habits, gave us an intoxicating charge.

The atmosphere on set was electrifying, everybody following the rhythm of the same song that, as if by magic, made us dance synchronously until our hearts beat in unison.

The magic was completed when Ghali arrived, a young man who hides under his simplicity and calmness an unexpected force that explodes in his songs.

The thing that impressed us most was the way he looks into the camera, like he want’s to jump inside.

Thank you Vodafone for giving us this opportunity, thanks to all the people who worked for this magic to come true.

The campaign has had an incredibly high visibility crossing over all media: broadcast, press, web, instore…

We took care of all the portrait photographs and also produced the behind the scenes video.