Client: Grundig
Agency: Jung von Matt/Neckar GmbH
Creative Directors: Francesco Poletti, Anna Rondolino
Art Directors: Aaron Nielsen, Anna Rondolino
Copywriter: Francesco Poletti
Account: Denise Winter
Art Buyer: Yannik Nielsen

Photo: LSD
Post: LSD


The aim of this campaign was to describe a picture with the ‘music’ that is contained and that is emitted by these beautiful new speakers of Grundig; so compact and small in their size but powerful in performance and sound quality! We immediately fell in love with the layout created by Aaron and Anna!The challenge was to describe the shape (of the product) without seeing the outlines. We enclosed the bodies of our three heroes in the cylinder shape of the speaker (a classical cellist, a rocker, and a rapper) in a squatting position filling up all the space with their bodies and instruments. The ‘compression’ effect was made by shooting and integrating parts of their bodies pressed against a sheet of plexiglass. For the instruments and clothing we have used CGI to add, enhance and modify. It was of prime importance for us to capture all the emotional intensity of the musical performance of a real top artist. We also simulated real stage lighting, as if these performers were in a real concert situation.

The team on the set, together with the customer, put in their absolute maximum effort and talent.
Despite all the hard work to create the ‘magic’, we had a great time!

A big thank you for the brilliant styling and makeup by Sivia Colombo and Maurizio Lucchesi.