Client: Purina
Agency: DLV BBDO
Creative Director: Davide Fiori/Valentina Amenta
Art: Alessandro Yurii
Copy: Cristina Marra
Account: Chiara Niccolai-Neli Mechenska

Photo: LSD
Post: LSD

Purina Moon

We were approached by DLVBBDO and creative director Davide Fiori and art director Alessandro Yuri Alfieri to produce a fantasy image – a cow on the moon for Purina.

Intrigued, we jumped into intense research on the technical clothing, gadgets, and props, that an astronaut would wear in space, on the moon. The challenge was to create a suit that fit well on a cow, and look accurate and genuine. As the product is a nutritional supplement to reach the highest peaks of lactation, guaranteeing the farmer high production performances, it was extremely important to have realistic udders.

Keeping with the principle of reality, we studied the different poses and movements of real astronauts in space, making sure we captured the attitude and look of weightlessness. All of this on a cow!

The suit and its details are entirely created in CGI. The cow’s muzzle is from our personal stock imagery. The location, the moon and space, are composed of stock images. The bright sunlight and flare; the long, dark, deep shadows caused by the lack of atmosphere; all contribute to the emotion, the authenticity and sincerity of the moment, the first cow on the moon.

We love challenges, bring us the impossible and we will make it possibl.