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Doctors, we’re speaking to you: be clear with your patients.

Provide them with precise guidance on what they will face in the various stages of the illness; otherwise, you leave them groping in the dark or, to use the metaphors of this campaign, you let them wander alone in the densest forest or face a stormy sea without the necessary tools.

This is what the campaign, we have been involved in, aims to communicate: a warning message for all doctors. A message that becomes strong and immediate through the use of two powerful metaphors that are universally understandable.

The project

In the early stages of this project, we delved deep into research to ensure the forest felt incredibly authentic:

from the types of plants to their interaction, from the lighting to the different depth levels of the scene. The goal was to convey that sense of disorientation, fear, and even loneliness that patients experience when doctors are overly reserved in conveying information.

Moreover, the aim was to achieve the highest level of detail so that the shots could start very wide, then narrow down to show a very tight field without ever losing the quality of the environment.

Clay and lighting

Aside from creating the typical plants found in a rainforest, we added vines, cliffs, and challenging terrain to bring a realistic wilderness effect to the scene. We also took great care with the lighting, starting with photographic research and then translating it into the 3D environment.

Photo integration

Then we shot the models to integrate them in the forest.

The final (wider) version

The campaign developed around two themes: Forest and Sea (see IPTACOPAN SEA project).

The Forest theme was predominantly used in Japan and China, while the Sea theme was employed in all other countries.

Technical data

3D models : ZBrush

Final images rendering: Redshift.

Number of hours spent in a forest: maybe 10…but when we were younger

Number of doctors we met in our lives: too many