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We’re out there, exploring the vastness of space… Well, not exactly. We’re actually delving into the deepest abysses…

That’s how a sci-fi story might kick off. But this is a science project, and our beginning will have a slightly different flavor. The story might be less thrilling, but we’re hoping it’ll be just as captivating. A least, that’s the plan!

When a healthcare client approached us to create an awareness campaign with the aim of shedding light on a potentially life-threatening immune system disorder, we could have never imagined we’d dive into the underwater realm.

Making the immune system captivating was a challenge that immediately fueled our enthusiasm, right from the initial stages of sourcing scientific images needed to recreate the cellular structure in 3D.We opted for a palette of blues and then added red blood cells to provide context and make the proportions comprehensible.


The most challenging part of the project came when it was time to create the glitch.

To determine what the final result should look like, we had extensive discussions with both the agency’s creative team and the client. Ultimately, we agreed upon a level of distortion that would still maintain the comprehensibility of the image.

Not only video

Part of the outcome were four still images that were used during medical conferences.

Goodbye until our next thrilling journey

Sending warm regards from the depths of the immune system!

Technical data

3D models of the cells: ZBrush

Textures and lighting: Cinema 4D

Final images rendering: Redshift.

Hours of discussions: Not too much actually, we found the right path quickly.