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A stone can come to life? Can it blossom? We all know the answer, and it’s no, it can’t.
At least not in reality. But imagination can surpass the limits of nature and one of the captivating aspects of our work is the ability to use 3D to bring to life something that would never exist in the real world.

So, when we were offered the opportunity to work on a video to launch the luxury version of a widely consumed product, we said to ourselves, “It’s our opportunity to show that a diamond can blossom!”

With this spirit, we crafted an animation where diamonds, the epitome of luxury, and a white rose alternate in a visual pursuit until they merge into each other when touched by drops of glittery blue, causing both to change color and turn blue.


Before working on this project, we had never considered how much a diamond and a fully bloomed rose resemble each other: when viewed from above, their shapes are circular and multisegmented, the facets of the diamond and the petals create the same concentric movement, forming a geometric rhythm. 

Ultimately, diamonds and roses evoke a similar charm and admiration from those who observe them.

To highlight all these similarities, we focused on a morphing technique that would make the visual transition from one to the other very natural, almost inevitable.

DIAMONDS AND ROSES, so different, so similar

We focused on three key elements to achieve the final result:

  1. The opening movement of the rose, blossoming with a fluid and soft unfolding of its petals.
  2. The design of the diamonds, their brilliance, and the glimmers they emit with every subtle rotation.
  3. Lighting effects. These were the subject of a thorough study, encompassing both those related to the diamonds and those created by the glittery blue color merging with the two main elements to give them a new hue.

The result is an animation that speaks of magic and preciousness.

And finally

Here’s the image we realized for the print version of the campaign.

Technical data

3D models of the diamonds and rose: ZBrush

Textures and lighting: Cinema 4D

Final images rendering: Redshift.

Number of real diamonds in our studio: one, plastic-made.