Client: LessTop
Agency: Lele Panzeri
Photo: LSD
Post: LSD


We recently had the great privilege of working with celebrated Italian creative Lele Panzeri. Panzeri approached us to collaborate, design and produce an original concept involving swimsuits.

What’s more iconic than the Monokini – designed by Rudi Gernreich in the 60s, modeled by Peggy Moffitt and photographed by the renowned William Claxton.

Our team brainstormed giving the Monokini a modern appeal, pushing the limits of creativity, combining photography, makeup, live action, 3Dand CGI.

With our backgrounds in traditional photography, we pride ourselves in creating highly realistic elements using the latest in technology to capture all the fine details for the final image.

Fashion photographer Mattia Guolo, the newest member of our team, headed the project, successfully combining the visual and CGI talents of the LSD post production team.

We thank Francesco Guerrera of Fralligraphy for creating the lettering on the image and Acqua Su Marte for supporting us with their studio facility.