Client: DMAX
Agency: Discovery Italia Brand&Creative Team
Creative Director: Nicola Lampugnani
Creative Manager: Luca Sivo
Artdirector: Claudia Buccheri
Account : Andrea Battisti
Executive Producer: Cristina Mazzocca

LSD: Photo & Post


The LSD team collaborated with Discovery Italia photographing for DIRTY JOBS, announcing the new season of the iconic TV show. While shooting the TV promo, the LSD team photographed the background, forklift and the host, all as separate elements and assembled it all in post.

On Dirty Jobs, Chef Rubio, the host, has a hands-on approach to learning obscure, difficult, strange, and disgusting jobs. Humor helps him through his experiences as he serves as an apprentice to these hardworking and skilled people who make civilized life possible for all of us.

The final image composition of Chef Rubio attired for his Dirty Jobs, riding the front of a forklift, is balanced by his typical portrait, eyes looking directly into the lens. A perfectly crafted photograph with a strong visual focus on his portrait with equal attention to the roles he learns on the show, with beautiful light and the gritty texture of the location, illustrating exactly what the show Dirty Jobs is all about.

LSD continues its passion for image-making and innovation, creating high-quality and engaging visual content.