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Client: CheBanca!
Agency: DLV BBDO
Creative Directors: Davide Fiori, Valentina Amenta
Art: Davide Fiori
Copy: Valentina Amenta

Photo: LSD
Post: LSD


Commissioned by DLV BBDO, these two commercials were created for a golf tournament, hosted by CheBanca!. We began our creative development process by studying the original layout, with one mission in mind – both exciting and challenging: turn 2D images into lively and engaging 3D animations.


The initial 2D images showed an exclamation mark placed in the context of a golf course: the first one was represented as a shape on grass, whereas the other one was displayed as a composition of four golf balls and one hole. Our creative team observed and studied these images, in order to come up with engaging and outstanding animations.


The compositing phase concerned several elements, like the golf course turf and the panorama. Other elements, such as the golf balls, required to be modelled from scratch. As a result, we delivered two 3D animated commercials to DLV BBDO, that were intended to be projected on several screens during the golf tournament.