Client: Abalo

Creative Team:  John Hastings & Rita Caliendo – CDM

Art Producer: Rina Rachman – Link 9

LSD: Photography, CGI & Digital art

How do you bring to life, create an image, representing a new medication, a bone builder?

CDM and Link9 tasked us with the challenge. Their concept was to demonstrate the bone-building qualities of a new medication in a forge environment. Forging has been done by smiths for millennia, forged parts are high strength, creating something that is successful and enduring. The challenge was to not confuse the viewer presuming that the bones were forged from metal or steel. We were charged with representing a forge environment, but could not show heat or metal.

We photographed a series of visual tests with both CGI and photographic elements, to gain approval on the imagery with the agency, the client, and legal. The creation of the “magic potion” that was “fusing” the bone, the shape and size of the bones areas affected by the medicine, and areas untouched, all had to be sanctioned.  We went so far as to photograph real human bones to get the exact reference for texture – gratefully we have friends in hospitals! Stretching our limits and testing our professional threshold is what motivates us.

Once the visual tests were approved, we traveled from Milan to New York, with our silicone bone and cast mockups, (which were replaced in post by CGI models). We shot on location in Long Island City at a forge and we photographed the talent separately on stage at Milk Studios in NYC.

Postproduction was extensive and involved combining the photographic elements and the CGI bones, the liquid “magic potion” and “building bones” FX, all of which had to be visually striking, and accomplished within very strict medical and legal parameters.

Successfully working through a challenge with passion, devotion and intense attention to detail: Challenge accomplished.